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ok I think Elsa Mars is gonna get killed because notice how at the end of the trailer all of the tents fall down aka same color as her dress so

Or perhaps everything just collapses on her the same way it does for Jude.

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literally 3 weeks into senior year and senioritis has hit hard send help

Senioritis hit for me junior year of high school…that was like…seven years ago. I’ll let you know when it stops

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Send me a TV show and I’ll tell you my top 3 characters.

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Constance reminds me so much of my Grandmother in some ways, her favoritism…being Southern…and most of all, just looking at her. It’s that that scares the living hell out of me…

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Sorry for the poor quality I just grabbed the first version of this I saw. So my theory of this photo is that it is during the later days of the show. She looks like maybe she is pregnant, I saw this theory floating around that maybe it is his baby, but maybe she has just let herself go? Since perhaps the days of people going to freak shows is dwindling and the money to support them is dwindling too. There may not be anything left to keep them going and she has maybe let herself go like a lot of the others. In some photos, Kathy has grey hair so that leads me to believe that it definitely is in the later days of the show. Maybe Evan and Jess’s characters are in fact having a relationship like many theories have suggested. Anyway, just wanted to say that perhaps these photos may not be of her being “pregnant” but actually might be of her just having let herself go after seeing no hope in her show having an influx of customers anytime soon.

I agree. It’s one of many possibilities. She looks pregnant, her arms look like they’re resting on herself. 

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Connie Britton's Real Life 'American Horror Story'

Watch the video Connie Britton’s Real Life ‘American Horror Story’ on Yahoo TV . Connie Britton stopped by “Live With Kelly and Michael” Friday morning and she talked about a house she rented this summer while she was filming a movie in New Orleans. She said, “We found a great, great house…that was haunted.” That’s right, haunted! The 47-year-old actress told a story about her son being scared and crying and when she asked why he was upset he replied, “I don’t want to go back in there! (pointing to his room) I don’t wanna go back in there, I don’t want to see those boys, get those boys out of my room!” Terrifying!

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Frances Conroy looks like the First Lady or something!

She does in fact, look like Mamie Eisenhower

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Suppressing the urge to transform an American Girl Doll into a giant and overwhelmingly adorable Misty Day doll…

She could have a little shall and everything….!

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I really want to see Jess’ movie, The Music Box does anyone have a link for it?

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For You, Rare Bird Chapter 31: Three's Company, Four's A Crowd, an american horror story fanfic | FanFiction

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I’m sharing my writing projects with my Dad tonight and am so nervous because he’s probably going to think I’m emotionally disturbed.

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Baby name inspiration from the powerful bikers and their enemies

Apparently we should all be naming our kids after Sons of Anarchy characters

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Look what I learned in French this morning….

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AHS sounds crazier and crazier the more I describe it to non AHS-ers, for example, my friend and I are talking about the show Rome, which he’s watching and he says its a nude scene that he’s watching, and I say: “There was an especially naked part in AHS last week, but it wasn’t about sex, this guy went crazy and started destroying an 8-track of Stevie Nicks…”

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